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Your search will find records that satisfy all the conditions you specify.

Any of these words
in the Title or Abstracts
All of these words in the Title
Subject Code
Geographic Code
(Examples: green, m.b.; green, m; green,)

Capitalization and accents are ignored when searching.

When searching for articles about specific subjects or places, use the Any of these words in the Title or Abstracts field and use alternate forms of the name, e.g. "muskox muskoxen moschatus" or "sugluk saglouc salluit". Both English and French abstracts are searched.

When searching for a particular article, search for a few uncommon words from its title using the All of these words in the Title field.

When searching for broad subjects or geographic regions use the Subject Code or Geographic Code lists.

In the database, author names are stored surname first, followed by initials. For example, Green, M.B. When searching the Author field an automatic wildcard is applied to the end of whatever you type. Since the same author might appear in the database as both Green, M.B. and Green, M., searching for "green, m" will find both versions of the name. To search for all authors with the surname Green, search for "green," (note the comma following the surname). Searching for "green" would also find authors with the surnames Greene, Greenaway, etc.

Use the Year list to restrict your search to a recent year or to a decade.

Records are displayed ten to a page, and are initially sorted in descending order of date of publication. You can change to ascending order of first author, which lists anonymous articles first and articles with identical first authors in ascending order of date of publication.