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Development & reclamation standards for Yukon pits & quarries   /   Inukshuk Planning & Development   Robertson, I.D.   Brandt, K.M.   M. Vaartnou & Associates   EBA Engineering Consultants Ltd.   Axys Environmental Consulting   Canada. Dept. of Indian Affairs and Northern Development [Commanditaire]
[S.l.] : Indian & Northern Development Canada, 1997.
iv, 65 p. : ill., maps ; 28 cm.
Enregistrement SISTA 46304.
Langues : Anglais

Reclamation is a legal requirement under the Yukon Pits and Quarry Regulations. The standards and the accompanying guidelines provide direction on what should be considered in preparing your application, developing and managing pit or quarry operations and carrying out the final reclamation phase. The Yukon regulations require disturbed lands be reclaimed to a productive use. The Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development (Diand) is responsible for overseeing all soil, sand, gravel and quarry operations on federal crown land. If you intend to develop a sand and gravel pit or a quarry, you must apply for a permit or license. ... This manual is intended to help anyone planning to develop a pit or quarry in the Yukon to understand the application requirements, review process and operational requirements, along with their subsequent reclamation responsibilities. ... This manual has two main sections. Section I covers the standards, and includes the law affecting pits and quarries (chapter 2), the application and review process and the minimum development and reclamation requirements that must be met (chapter 3). Chapter 4 covers basic definitions and chapter 5 explains the development and reclamation plan required with all applications. Section II provides guidelines on how to meet these standards and has three main chapters. Chapter 6 covers the planning of pits and quarries. Chapter 7 deals with operational guidelines and chapter 8 provides guidance on meeting the reclamation performance standards agreed to at the time of approval. There are three stages to the development and reclamation process. Stage I involves planning the pit or quarry operation and obtaining extraction approval. Early consultation will help determine site options and select the most suitable site. Stage II is the extraction phase when the operator must ensure, on a daily basis that they are following the conditions of their permit or licence. Following the operation guidelines simplifies the reclamation process at the end of the life of the pit or quarry. Stage III involves pit reclamation and closure. It should be straightforward since the end use was defined at the application stage and followed during pit or quarry operations. Thus, reclamation needs will have been anticipated and planned for. (Au)

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