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Environmental guidelines : pits & quarries   /   Hardy Associates (1978) Limited   MacLaren Plansearch (Firm)   Northern Affairs Program (Canada). Land Management [Commanditaire]
Ottawa : Indian Affairs and Northern Development, 1994.
69 p. : ill., maps ; 28 cm.
ISBN 0-662-22146-X
The title page of the 1994 edition of this publication incorrectly lists Hardy Associates (1978) Ltd. as the author. The actual author is MacLaren Plansearch.
Publication also available in French under title: Guide de l'environnement : carrières et sablières.
In 2008 this report was located in Yellowknife at the INAC NWT Contaminants Division library and at the INAC NWT Water Resources Division library, both partners of the INAC Departmental Library (OORD).
See ASTIS record 33571 for the 1982 English version of this report and ASTIS record 51503 for the 1982 French version.
Enregistrement SISTA 37570.
Langues : Anglais
Bibliothèques : ACU NWII OORD

This Handbook presents some environmental guidelines for pit and quarry development and restoration in the Yukon and Northwest Territories. The handbook recommends operating procedures that are both sensitive to the environment and efficient for the operator. ... The information presented here was obtained by talking to a number of administrators and operators in the Yukon and NWT. ... This handbook presents environmental guidelines that are useful for pit and quarry operators. The handbook does not establish new standards but sets out recommended procedures to ensure that ecological, cultural and aesthetic values will be preserved within the constraints imposed by the current state of technology. These guidelines should not be taken as absolute terms and conditions; they are subordinate to all acts, ordinances and regulations. ... Part 2 of this Guidelines Handbook is a very brief guide to the regulatory processes that concern pit and quarry operations, who to contact and what permits are needed. ... Part 3, Planning, tells you how to locate a pit in relation to the type and amount of material you need and how to avoid sensitive areas. ... Part 4, Design, shows you how to design a pit with sensitivity for the environment and efficient operation and restoration in mind. ... Part 5, Operations, tells you the best way to prepare and operate a pit. Part 6, Restoration, give you guidelines for temporary and complete abandonment of a pit and what you have to do to restore it. Part 7, Permafrost, deals with the special problems of permafrost. ... Part 8 is about Quarries. Any special planning, design and operational features which are special to quarries and are not found with pits are discussed here. A Glossary of Terms is provided .... (Au)

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