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The Arctic Science and Technology Information System (ASTIS) : communicating research results to Canadian Inuit   /   Howard, L.   Goodwin, R.
In: Proceedings : 14th Inuit Studies Conference, 11-15 August 2004, The Arctic Institute of North America, University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada / Compiled by R.O. van Everdingen. - [Calgary, Alta. : AINA, 2005], p. 109-116
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ASTIS record 58296.
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The Arctic Science and Technology Information System (ASTIS) is a database that describes publications and research projects about northern Canada. ASTIS is funded through contracts and donations, and can be searched for free from the Arctic Institute of North America's website. Although our coverage of research projects in the three territories (Yukon, N.W.T. and Nunavut) is close to comprehensive, our coverage of publications about the Canadian North is not. ASTIS has three projects that will improve our coverage of the parts of northern Canada where Inuit live: the Nunavut Environmental Database, the Nunavik Bibliography, and the Inuvialuit Settlement Region Database. Through ASTIS, people from all over the world can gain access to publications that describe northern environments and northern Canada's people: their cultural, social, economic and political conditions and aspirations. Inuit can use ASTIS to obtain information about northern research done by others, and to inform Inuit and others about research and publications funded or produced by Inuit. (Au)

Y, T, L, X
Arctic Institute of North America; Arctic Institute of North America. Library; ASTIS; Bibliographic databases; Communication; Inuit; Licences; Native organizations; Native peoples; Research; Research funding; Research organizations; Science; Social sciences; Traditional knowledge

G081, G01
Canadian Arctic; Polar regions

An annotated bibliography of the Northwest Territories Action on Water Component of the Arctic Environmental Strategy   /   Goodwin, R. [Editor]   Howard, L. [Editor]   Howard, L. [Editor]   Arctic Science and Technology Information System   Latham, B. [Editor]   Northern Affairs Program (Canada). Water Resources Division
Ottawa : Published under the authority of the Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development, 1999.
ix, 79 p. ; 28 cm.
(Northern water resources studies)
ISBN 0-662-27658-2
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From 1991 to 1997, the Government of Canada provided $100 million under the Arctic Environmental Strategy to increase the knowledge of the country's northern environment in order to better protect it. Of this, $25 million was earmarked for water-related work, of which $15 million was provided for work in the Northwest Territories. During those years, a considerable amount of work was done on many aspects of the N.W.T. water cycle. While studies of specific groups of aquatic constituents at specific sites were completed, a more general approach was also taken to expand the overall knowledge of the hydrosphere. Evaporation and snow data were collected along with the more common water flow data. Fish and sediments were analysed in addition to water. Organic contaminants were tested for, as well as the traditional inorganic parameters. Academic papers, public presentations and public-level reports were prepared. A high school teacher's package was completed. Intensive studies were done in some areas and one-time extensive area sampling in others. ... This research resulted in the production of 215 publications. The immediate purpose of this bibliography, prepared by the Arctic Science and Technology Information System (ASTIS), was to organize these publications for the Water Resources Division. The bibliography has met a number of other goals in the process. First, it provides as complete a list as currently possible of the publications supported directly and indirectly by the Northwest Territories Action on Water Component of the Arctic Environmental Strategy. Second, it has ensured that most publications are available to the public through the University of Calgary Library. And finally, because the bibliography has been created as a subset of the ASTIS database, it promotes northern water research by giving all researchers better access to information about the work carried out. As part of the ASTIS database, all bibliography records have been included in the ASTIS Current Awareness Bulletin, the annual ASTIS Bibliography CD-ROM, an international polar CD-ROM and two commercial Web databases. (Please see the ASTIS section of the AINA Web site at for more information.) Information about the water resources of northern Canada is limited and fragmentary at best. By providing a list of the Arctic Environmental Strategy publications, this bibliography will contibute to the first step in improving this condition: collecting, preserving and making available some of the information that does exist. (Au)

F, E, J, I, P, B
Bibliographies; Bottom sediments; Effects monitoring; Environmental impacts; Evaporation; Fishes; Fresh-water ecology; Heavy metals; Hydrological stations; Hydrology; Lakes; Meteorology; Mining; Pesticides; Rivers; Runoff; Stream flow; Suspended solids; Toxicity; Water pollution; Water quality; Watersheds; Weather stations

G0812, G0813, G0822, G0823, G0821
Alberta; British Columbia; N.W.T.; Nunavut; Saskatchewan

A selected annotated bibliography of the publications of the Arctic Institute of North America   /   Arctic Science and Technology Information System   Goodwin, R.   Howard, L.   Howard, L.   Canada. Canadian Studies and Youth Programs [Sponsor]   University of Calgary. Faculty of Graduate Studies [Sponsor]
Calgary, Alta. : Published and distributed by Arctic Institute of North America, 1995.
viii, 209 p. ; 28 cm.
(ASTIS occasional publication, no. 14)
ASTIS record 37498.
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... In addition to improving the ASTIS database's coverage of AINA publications, a major objective of this work has been to publish, during the Institute's 50th anniversary year, this bibliography of AINA publications. Because there has not been time to find and create citations for all relevant publications, and because 2535 citations is too many to include in a printed bibliography of reasonable size, this bibliography is not comprehensive. It contains only selected categories of AINA publications, ... totaling 678 citations. ... [This bibliography contains citations to 34 serials published or co-published by AINA, eight of which are still being published, 324 monographs published or co-published by AINA, 78 publications authored by AINA staff and researchers but published by other organizations, 23 publications for which AINA has provided financial or other support, and 219 northern theses produced at the University of Calgary up to Fall Convocation 1994.] (Au)

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Arctic Institute of North America; ASTIS; Bibliographic databases; Bibliographies; History; Natural history; Research; Science; Serials; Social sciences; Theses

G0812, G0811, G081, G0813
Canadian Arctic; N.W.T.; Nunavut; Yukon

Bibliography of materials on the effects of hard rock mining on the aquatic environment of northern Canada   /   Arctic Science and Technology Information System   Goodwin, R. [Editor]   Howard, L. [Editor]   Howard, L. [Editor]   Northern Affairs Program (Canada) [Sponsor]
Ottawa : Indian Affairs and Northern Development, 1995.
xv, 81 p. ; 28 cm.
(Northern water resources studies)
ISBN 0-662-23590-8
A searchable updated version of this bibliography is available on the Web.
ASTIS record 36830.
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... This is a bibliography of materials on the effects of hard rock mining on the aquatic environment of northern Canada. Hard rock mining in this context means the mining of metal-bearing ores and does not include placer mining, coal mining or the mining of gravel and sand. The aquatic environment means both fresh-water and marine ecosystems. Environmental impacts of mining on terrestrial ecosystems are not included unless they result in inputs to aquatic ecosystems. Northern Canada is defined as the Northwest Territories and Yukon. Some publications about the effects of hard rock mining on aquatic environments in the polar regions in general have also been included. Works about the aquatic impacts of mines in the Canadian provinces have not been included. Most types of printed information are included, such as journal articles, papers from conferences and workshops, theses, and reports produced by government agencies, mining companies and consultants. A few of the publications in the bibliography are more general in scope than the bibliography itself. Such publications have been included because they contain sections that have significant information on the aquatic impacts of mining. (Au)

P, J, F
Bibliographies; Dams; Effects monitoring; Environmental impacts; Leaching; Mining; Tailings; Water pollution; Water quality

Canada; Canadian Arctic

An interpretive perspective on Syncrude's Native Development Program   /   Howard, L.M.
Calgary, Alta. : University of Calgary, 1995.
vii, 135 leaves ; 28 cm.
Thesis (M.C.S.) - University of Calgary, Dept. of Communications Studies, Calgary, Alta., 1995.
ASTIS record 35782.
Languages: English
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In this project the evolution of Syncrude's Native Development Program is examined from an interpretive perspective. This perspective offers a way of learning about social constructions of reality and processes of construction, the meaning that Syncrude's aboriginal programs have for organizational members, and their reaction to these initiatives based on their lived experience and on what this experience has taught them. This approach can offer insights into why, in spite of the fact that aboriginal hiring policies have been in place for a long while at Syncrude, and have been strongly supported by upper management, it takes so long to get internal support throughout all levels of the organization for these policies. (Au)

T, L, Q
Communication; Employment policy; Equity participation; Native peoples; Occupational training; Social sciences; Syncrude Canada Ltd.; Theses

Fort McMurray, Alberta

Indigenous knowledge in northern Canada : an annotated bibliography : draft of April 1994   /   Arctic Science and Technology Information System   Howard, L. [Editor]   Goodwin, R. [Editor]   Howard, L. [Editor]   Canadian Polar Commission [Sponsor]
Calgary, Alta. : ASTIS, 1994.
ix, 169 p. ; 28 cm.
This unpublished bibliography is not available in printed form. All of the citations that it contains, as well as many additional traditional knowledge citations, are available in the ASTIS database.
ASTIS record 52318.
Languages: English

This draft version of the indigenous knowledge bibliography, containing 609 citations, has been prepared for distribution to the Canadian Polar Commission's Canadian Polar Information System (CPIS) Committee and to other interested people and organizations. The scope of this draft is the same as that of the November 1993 and March 1994 drafts, except that the 36 research projects included in the two previous drafts have been deleted. It is our opinion, and that of the Indigenous Knowledge Bibliography Advisory Committee, that research projects cannot be covered adequately with the available resources and should therefore be excluded in favour of more complete coverage of bibliographic information. This draft is not comprehensive. We have citations for between 300 and 400 additional publications that appear from their titles to possibly be relevant to this bibliography, and we are working to obtain and examine them. This pool of unexamined citations does not adequately cover the relevant French language literature, and probably does not include all relevant publications from indigenous organizations. (Au)

T, N, R
Bibliographies; Co-management; Creation of Nunavut; Customary law; Customs; Elders; Epistemology; Ethnobotany; Geographical names; Legends; Native land claims; Native languages; Native organizations; Native peoples; Natural resource management; Oral history; Personal names; Political action; Self-determination; Shamanism; Subsistence; Traditional clothing; Traditional knowledge; Traditional land use and occupancy; Traditional native spirituality; Wildlife management

G081, G082
Canadian Arctic; Middle North

Northern granular resources bibliography   /   Arctic Science and Technology Information System   Howard, L. [Editor]   Goodwin, R. [Editor]   Howard, L. [Editor]   Canada. Land Management Division [Sponsor]   Canada. Northern Granular Resources Program [Sponsor]
Calgary, Alta. : Arctic Institute of North America, 1994.
ix, 134 p. ; 28 cm.
(ASTIS occasional publication, no. 13)
(NOGAP project no. A.04 : Granular resources inventory and management program)
This version supersedes the Feb. 1993 draft version that consisted of ix, 65 leaves.
In 2008 this report was located in Yellowknife at the INAC. NWT Water Resources Division library, a partner of the INAC Departmental Library (OORD).
ASTIS record 33785.
Languages: English

... One of the objectives of the Northern Granular Resources Program within the Land Management Division of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada is to improve the dissemination of information about sources and usage of granular resources in northern Canada. To help meet that objective the Land Management Division has commissioned this bibliography from the Arctic Science and Technology Information System (ASTIS). ... In addition to this printed version of the bibliography, a microcomputer version on diskette is available from the Land Management Division. The diskette version includes powerful retrieval software that can search citations and abstracts for any word or combination of words, and can be freely copied and redistributed by users. ... Although it was not possible with the available financial resources to make this bibliography totally comprehensive, it is by far the most complete listing yet prepared of publications concerning granular resources in Yukon and the Northwest Territories. ... This bibliography covers all aspects of granular resources, defined as gravel, sand and crushed rock for use in construction. Publications about the availability of granular resources are covered, including descriptions of specific sources, inventories of granular resources and the management of this resource. Methods of extracting and transporting granular resources are also covered, including the environmental and socio-economic impacts of such work and methods of mitigating these impacts. Future requirements for granular resources in all types of construction are covered, including conflicting demands for granular resources. Geological or geotechnical surveys are included if they contain information on possible sources of granular resources. Some publications in the bibliography cover many subjects in addition to granular resources, but have been included because they do contain significant granular resources information. ... (Au)

B, P, C, Q, L
Boreholes; Bottom sediments; Cores; Crushed rock; Design and construction; Dredging; Drilling barges; Frozen ground; Gas pipelines; Granular resources; Granular resources extraction; Granular resources leases; Permafrost; Petroleum pipelines; Physical properties; Roads; Rock quarries; Sediments (Geology); Soil mechanics; Soils; Stratigraphy

G0812, G0811, G07, G0813
Canadian Beaufort Sea; N.W.T.; Nunavut; Yukon

Issues of public interest regarding northern development : an annotated bibliography   /   Howard, L.M. [Compiler and Editor]   Davies, P. [Editor]   Dome Petroleum Limited. Northern Policy and Employee Relations [Sponsor]
Calgary, Alta. : Pallister Resource Management Ltd., 1984.
8 microfiches ; 10 x 16 cm.
Also available in paper.
ASTIS record 15119.
Languages: English
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The purpose of this bibliography was to identify source literature which relates to public concerns regarding oil and gas development in the North. In order to identify the scope of northerners' concerns regarding northern development, the author accompanied representatives of the Northern Policy and Employee Relations Department of Dome Petroleum Limited in a series of meetings held throughout the Canadian Arctic. During the course of these and other meetings with representatives of industry, university and research institutions, native organizations and consultants, topics pertinent to the purpose of the bibliography were identified. These include the land and resources, employment, political economy and land claims, the applications and approvals process, environmental impact assessment, northern economics, northern populations, social and economic conditions, health issues, culture, community, renewable resources, petroleum and mining, communications and navigation, and energy and utilities. The bibliography was originally compiled during 1982, based on an extensive manual search of titles at several libraries and offices across Canada, together with on-line searches through the Arctic Science and Technology Information System (ASTIS), Boreal Institute, and the CAN/OLE, Microlog and Northern Research Information Documentation Service (NRIDS) databases. The work was then extensively updated during 1984 using the ASTIS database. The research and compilation component of the bibliography was funded by the Northern Policy and Employee Relations Department of Dome Petroleum. (Au)

X, R, T, Q, P, N, K, L, G, S, J
Bibliographies; Communication; Community development; Culture (Anthropology); Economic conditions; Employment; Environmental impact assessment; Environmental impacts; Funding for education; Government; Health; Ice navigation; Inuit; Labour supply; Land use; Mineral industries; Mining; Native land claims; Natural resources; Occupational training; Petroleum industry; Population; Rural conditions; Social conditions; Socio-economic effects; Sovereignty; Subsistence; Transportation; Utilities

G081, G10
Canadian Arctic; Greenland

The Beaufort Sea, Mackenzie Delta, Mackenzie Valley, and northern Yukon : a bibliographical review   /   Arctic Science and Technology Information System   Goodwin, C.R. [Editor]   Howard, L.M. [Editor]   Canada. Office of the Northern Research and Science Advisor [Sponsor]
Calgary, Alta. : Arctic Science and Technology Information System [publisher] ; Ottawa : Office of the Northern Research and Science Advisor, DIAND [distributor], 1984.
v, 310 p. : 1 ill. ; 28 cm.
ASTIS record 14628.
Languages: English
Libraries: ACU XQGLW

This bibliography contains 1547 citations, with abstracts, concerning the Canadian Beaufort Sea region and the Mackenzie Valley. The bibliography is completely multi-disciplinary, and includes the entire range of subjects contained in the ASTIS database. The map ... shows the geographic limits of the bibliography. The bibliography covers the Canadian sector of the Beaufort Sea, Amundsen Gulf, Banks Island, western Victoria Island, the entire western half of the District of Mackenzie, and the Yukon north of 67. Information on the Yukon portion of the Dempster corridor has also been included, even though it falls outside the area shown on the map, because of its importance as a transportation route to the Mackenzie Delta. ... This bibliography was prepared using information in the ASTIS database as of August 1984. It is therefore not a comprehensive bibliography since, generally speaking, ASTIS only contains documents published since the mid-1970s. Hopefully at some future time it will be possible to update this bibliography by adding any documents that have been missed, some selected older documents, and documents published after August 1984. (Au)

X, B, A, C, Q, P, H, I, J, R, T
Archaeology; Bibliographies; Economic conditions; Engineering; Environmental impacts; Geography; Geology; Government; Granular resources; Land use; Mining; Native peoples; Natural resources; Permafrost; Petroleum industry; Science; Snow; Social conditions; Soils

G0812, G0811, G07
Canadian Beaufort Sea; Mackenzie Delta, N.W.T.; Yukon, Northern

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