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New owners in their own land : minerals and Inuit land claims   /   McPherson, R.
Calgary, Alta. : University of Calgary Press, 2003.
xxiv, 305 p. 16 ill., 2 maps ; 24 cm.
(Northern lights series (Calgary, Alta.), 3)
ISBN 1-55238-097-1
ASTIS record 53131.
Languages: English
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New Owners in their Own Land carefully examines the prolonged historical dispute over the land selection process and subsurface rights in Nunavut, starting with the early resource development and oil and gas exploration in Canada's Arctic during the 1960s, through to the battle for Inuit self-determination. McPherson outlines the federal government's "business-as-usual" tactic in pushing exploration further north onto Inuit territory and sheds light on exactly how the precedent-setting agreement was achieved whereby the Inuit managed to become owners of the mineral claims on their own land. As a mineral consultant to the Inuit negotiators, McPherson draws on fascinating personal accounts, interviews, and meticulous research to consider the institutional, political, and personal conflicts that guided the process of Nunavut land claim negotiations. Covering the land claim negotiation period between 1980 and 1990, New Owners in their Own Land addresses an important piece of Canadian history and provides a unique perspective on Inuit self-determination and exploration history in the North. (Au)

T, P, R, S, Q
Aboriginal rights; Creation of Nunavut; Effects monitoring; Government; Government regulations; Government relations; Inuit; Inuvialuit Final Agreement, 1984; Land use; Mackenzie Valley Pipeline Inquiry (Canada); Management; Mineral resources; Mineral rights; Mining; Native land claims; Nunavut Land Claims Agreement; Planning; Political action; Public hearings; Public opinion; Self-determination

G0813, G0812, G08, G0811
Canada; Inuvialuit Settlement Region, N.W.T./Yukon; N.W.T.; Nunavut

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