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Experts, agents and symbols of Arctic gas development   /   Mason, A.
In: International Polar Year Oslo Science Conference, 2010, 8-12 June. - [Oslo : Research Council of Norway, 2010], presentation no. EM11.4-2.2, [1] p.
Abstract of an oral presentation, taken from the USB flash drive distributed at the conference.
ASTIS record 71668.
Languages: English

This paper presents a model of social coordination that identifies new forms of innovation for handling uncertainty in Arctic natural gas development. The central point of departure is changes brought about in risk assessment and operational models by the restructuring of energy industries in the 1980s. The shift from regulation to competition in global energy markets has created a situation where market risk is now critically privatized and it is difficult to synchronize the long-term horizon of energy production, measured in years, with the short term fluctuations in price. This development constitutes a space of uncertainty and a niche for comparative research on proposed energy development across the Arctic. Ethnographic research by the author into measures for handling uncertainty draws attention to a model of three contexts that have organizational significance for stabilizing perspectives in U.S. and Canadian Arctic natural gas development: (1) reliance on redefined relations between government and industry; (2) reliance on consultant expertise; (3) reliance on future descriptions that catalyze perceptions about risk. These contexts establish communities of interpretation among government and industry leaders for how industry operates and thus, have implications for the way society will produce, control, allocate and use Arctic energy resources. The research addresses a major formative force of our time, the politics of energy markets, and the way emerging transnational networks of expertise are embroiled in the constitution of imagined futures that impact on developments in the sector. In wider perspective, the study contributes to debates on neoliberal global regimes and the new forms of speculative capital that tend to transcend national sovereignty and control. The results determine the effectiveness of applying core anthropological theories and methods to new and challenging research fields often associated with other disciplines. Keywords: natural gas development, energy politics, legal and epistemic regimes. (Au)

Q, R, N
Economic development; Economic policy; Energy policy; Ethnography; Geopolitics; Government; Government relations; Marketing; Natural gas; Oil well drilling; Petroleum industry; Prices; Risk assessment

G081, G06
Alaska; Canadian Arctic

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