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Potential value of reindeer to caribou in a co-management system   /   Kingscote, B.
(Proceedings of the Eighth North American Caribou Workshop, Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada, 20-24 April 1998 / Edited by Rick Farnell, Don Russell and Debbie van de Wetering. Rangifer, special issue no. 12, 2000, p. 81)
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A privately owned herd of several thousand reindeer is managed in an open herding system in the western Arctic. This herd interfaces with the Bluenose caribou herd, to which it could become an asset. Firstly, the reindeer are monitored annually for infectious diseases including parasites, and therefore they have potential value as sentinel animals for the early detection of diseases which may be introduced into the region from time to time. Secondly, the herd will be developed for meat production which could be used by local consumers to take the pressure off the caribou population in times of natural decline. Thirdly, gentled reindeer will introduce visitors to Rangifer and their place in the tundra biome, raising awareness of the nature of Arctic ecosystems. Principles of co-management will be applied through continuing consultation with other entrepreneurs and with all the people with whom we share the use of the land. (Au)

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Animal diseases; Animal mortality; Caribou; Co-management; Hunting; Meat industry; Parasites; Reindeer husbandry; Subsistence


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