The French geographical expedition to Thule, 1950-51 : a preliminary report   /   Malaurie, J.
Arctic, v. 8, no. 4, 1955, p. 202-214, ill., figures
ASTIS record 9778

Summarized results of author's expedition to northwest Greenland, July 1950-July 1951. With base at Siorapaluk, 125 mi north of Thule, winter sledge trips were made to collect demographic, economic and social data on the Eskimos. Author counted 302 Polar Eskimos in ten different settlements. Genealogies were traced. Birth and death rates are discussed; also effects on Eskimo society of contact with white men and possibility of successful integration. In spring, geomorphic expedition was made around Kane Basin. Most significant geomorphic factor appears to be extreme aridity. No intense wind erosion occurs. Glacial erosion was limited, and present frost action is weak. Water erosion in summer produces steep slopes which undergo parallel recession. Present processes seem insufficient to account for present landscape.

A study of the types of tubercle bacilli found in human tuberculosis in Alaska   /   Williams, R.B.
Arctic, v. 8, no. 4, 1955, p. 215-223, tables
ASTIS record 9779

Account of investigation on the types of Mycobacterium tuberculosis responsible for the high prevalence of bone and joint tuberculosis in Alaska. In 180 cultures isolated from human cases of extra-pulmonary tuberculosis, no bovine only human type bacilli were found. Of 5,114 cultures isolated by the Alaska Dept. of Health, all except one were of the human type. All this, and tuberculin tests of cattle indicate that the bovine type bacillus plays a minor role in the etiology of human tuberculosis in Alaska.

Some observations on the shore fauna of Baffin Island   /   Ellis, D.V.
Arctic, v. 8, no. 4, 1955, p. 224-236, ill., figures, tables
ASTIS record 9780

A study of shore animals made in the summer 1953, covering Frobisher Bay, Cumberland Sound and Padloping Island. Thirty species of invertebrates and four of fishes are recorded from the area; their habitat and distribution are described and compared with those in Greenland. A detailed itinerary and review of earlier work precede the account.

Near surface soil temperature measurements at Resolute Bay, Northwest Territories   /   Cook, F.A.
Arctic, v. 8, no. 4, 1955, p. 237-249, ill., figures, tables
ASTIS record 9781

Based on daily readings 1951-1955 by meteorological observers at Resolute, supplemented by author's measurements in summers 1953-1955 and winter 1953-1954. Pt. 1 concerns soil temperatures within the six-ft. overburden of frozen gravel and shattered rock overlying limestone bedrock. Daily, monthly and annual average soil temperatures and the influence on them of air temperatures, isolation, and precipitation are discussed. Pt. 2 is a preliminary report on a special study made in fall 1955 on the freezeback in the active layer. Readings were taken at four-hourly intervals, Aug. 28-Oct. 1. The period of the "zero curtain" (period necessary for soil water to freeze) penetration of the 32 F freezing line, and moisture content and migration are discussed.

Northern news
Arctic, v. 8, no. 4, 1955, p. 257-261
ASTIS record 61009

The items include: 1) an article on the archaeological reconnaissance of the Coronation Gulf region by Elmer Harp; 2) a report by M.J. Dunbar commenting on erroneous facts in a story the "The Financial Post" published on 3 March 1956 that described putative Russian plans to dam the Ob' and Yenisey Rivers and the Bering Strait; and 3) information from D.R. Oliver on limnological investigations in and around Lac Aigneau, Québec.

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