The ice age in the North American Arctic   /   Flint, R.F.
Arctic, v. 5, no. 3, Oct. 1952, p. 134-152, ill.
ASTIS record 9703

Contains remarks on the glacial and interglacial ages together constituting the Pleistocene epoch inaccurately termed the "ice age." Then follows sections on evidence of glaciation; distribution and types of former glaciers; growth and dissappearance of glaciers; evidence of repeated glacial ages; glacial lakes; the postglacial sea and rise of the land; chronology and causes of glaciation; glaciation and life. Bibliography (over 30 items).

The Scott Polar Research Institute   /   Bertram, G.C.L.
Arctic, v. 5, no. 3, Oct. 1952, p. 153-156, ill.
ASTIS record 9704

Contains an account (by the present director) of the origin of the Institute as a center for maintaining continuity of research in techniques of polar life and travel; its founding in 1925 with the University of Cambridge, with endowment from the Memorial Trust of Captain Scott. Its subsequent history, services and facilities are described, the building occupied in 1934, the collection of polar equipment, exhibits, extensive library, publication of the Polar record.

Hydatid disease in boreal regions   /   Rausch, R.
Arctic, v. 5, no. 3, Oct. 1952, p. 157-174, ill., figures
ASTIS record 9705

Contains an account of echinococcosis as one of the more important helminthic diseases which may be transmitted by lower mammals to man. The biology and life-cycle of the Echinococcus genus of tapeworms is outlined; pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment of the disease, animal cycles involved in spreading it, and its control are discussed. Its occurrence in Finland and Norway (slight), U.S.S.R., Sweden, Iceland, Canada and Alaska is indicated with references to the reporting literature. The "ample opportunity" for infection of adults and children from dogs (and to some extent foxes) in arctic regions is shown. Bibliography (about 40 items).

Some problems of insect biology in the Canadian Arctic   /   Freeman, T.N.
Arctic, v. 5, no. 3, Oct. 1952, p. 175-177, ill.
Contribution - Canada. Dept. of Agriculture. Entomology Division. Science Service, no. 2895
ASTIS record 9706

Contains summary (by the coordinator) of the Northern Insect Survey, begun in 1947 to study distribution, relative abundance and biology of species of biting flies and other insects in arctic and subarctic Canada. By the end of 1952, 46 areas will have been investigated; each year approx. 125,000 specimens are collected, including several new species and many extensions of previously known ranges. On the basis of these collections, the close relationship between the palaearctic and nearctic insect faunas, the tundra and forest division, the large variations within the species, etc. are briefly discussed.

A caribou hunt on Peary's 1898-1902 expedition   /   Wyckoff, C.F.
Arctic, v. 5, no. 3, Oct. 1952, p. 178-182, ill.
ASTIS record 9707

The author who traveled to northwest Greenland with the Erik on the Peary relief trip in summer 1901, describes hunt in the Inglefield Bredning region, probably on Aug. 13, 1901.

Further notes on ice islands in the Canadian Arctic   /   Montgomery, M.R.
Arctic, v. 5, no. 3, Oct. 1952, p. 183-187, ill., figures
ASTIS record 9711

Contains account of ice islands discovered since those discussed by L.S. Koenig, q.v. 31 new islands are indicated on a map as well as changes in location of the islands previously reported, all the data assembled from air photographs. The distribution, position, drift, etc. of the islands are discussed. Some unexplained features ("lakes") of the inland-ice on Ellesmere are noted (from recent photographs) in relation to features of northern Ellesmere shelf ice.

Northern news
Arctic, v. 5, no. 3, Oct. 1952, p. 193-196
ASTIS record 61000

The news items include: 1) a summary of round table conference concerning Eskimo affairs that was held in Ottawa on May 19-20, 1952 (reprinted from Arctic Circular, v. 5, no. 4, 1952, p. 41-43); 2) information on the Canadian ice distribution survey by J. Keith Fraser (reprinted from Arctic Circular, v. 5, no. 5, 1952, p. 56); 3) a summary of two articles written by Provst Aage Bugge (an obituary of Provst C.W. Schultz-Lorentzen and a book review of a novel, "Kateketen Johannes", by Karl Heilmann) that were published in pamphlet no. 79 of Meddelelser om Den grønlandske Kirkesag; and 4) a notice that the Shorey Book Store of Seattle has issued a catalogue of their books on Alaska and the Arctic.

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