The Blue Dolphin Labrador expeditions, 1949 and 1950   /   Nutt, D.C.
Arctic, v. 4, no. 1, May 1951, p. 2-11, ill., figures
ASTIS record 9695

Brief notes on the vessel, the sponsorship, cooperating institutions, and personnel for the two summer trips northward along the Labrador coast from the Strait of Belle Isle to Seven Islands Bay (59 15 N) and (in more detail) discussion of bathymetric, and drainage conditions in the Hamilton Inlet-Lake Melville waters where oceanographic and ecologic work was concentrated in 1950.

Planned reforms in Greenland   /   Nielsen, F.
Arctic, v. 4, no. 1, May 1951, p. 12-17, ill.
ASTIS record 9683

"Brief account of main changes involved" in the population policy, administration and government, trade conditions, health service, judicial administration, education and cultural conditions in Greenland, under the new laws of May 1950.

Joint arctic weather project   /   Rae, R.W.
Arctic, v. 4, no. 1, May 1951, p. 18-26, ill., map, tables
ASTIS record 9684

Historical background of weather observation in Canada, and brief account of U.S. and Canadian cooperation in establishing the present network of five arctic weather stations in the Canadian Arctic Islands. Description of methods of preliminary reconnaissance, choice of sites, air transport of supplies, special problems (fire protection, winter water supply, and morale); scientific program and climatic conditions at these far northern stations, and (in general) the system of communication used for transmitting data. The stations of the network discussed are: Eureka on Ellesmere Island (80 13 N, 86 11 W), Resolute on Cornwallis Island (74 41 N, 94 55 W), Isachsen on Ellef Ringnes Island (78 47 N, 103 32 W), Mould Bay on Prince Patrick Island (76 14 N, 199 50 W) and Alert on Ellesmere Island (82 29 N, 62 15 W). Also abstracted in: Meteorological abstracts and bibliography, Nov. 1951. v. 2, no. 11, p. 879.

The growth of the Soviet Arctic and Subarctic   /   Webster, C.J.
Arctic, v. 4, no. 1, May 1951, p. 27-45, maps, tables
ASTIS record 9685

Contains a brief summary of the Soviet concept of the Arctic and sub-Arctic, and the evolution of that of the far North. Then follows author's account of that part of European and Asiatic U.S.S.R. which lies north of 60° North latitude. The Soviet development of transportation, mining, fisheries, timber, furs and game, and agriculture is traced. Population growth, shifts and present size are analyzed on the basis of 1926, 1939, and 1947 data for areas and populated places. Extensive sources are cited in footnotes. Maps show (1) administrative-territorial divisions with boundary of southern limit of Krayniy Sever (far North), (2) railroad lines, and (3) ethnography (present-day areas of northern native peoples).

Botanical investigations in southwest Greenland, 1946   /   Bocher, T.W.
Arctic, v. 4, no. 1, May 1951, p. 46-49, ill., figures
ASTIS record 9686

Contains brief account of a four-man Danish expedition into the regions of Arsuk Fjord, Godthaab, and Sondre Stromfjord, collecting various groups of land and fresh-water plants and studying ecological conditions. Bibliography (7 items).

Notes on Danish scientific work since 1939   /   Noe-Nygaard, A.   Vibe, C.   Bocher, T.W.   Holtved, E.
Arctic, v. 4, no. 1, May 1951, p. 50-56, maps
ASTIS record 9687

Brief tabulated information on personnel, program, and locality of field investigations in Greenland on: geology by A. Noe-Nygaard, zoology by C. Vibe, botany by T.W. Bocher, and archeology by E. Holtved. Includes note on Geological Survey of Greenland, established 1946.

Northern news
Arctic, v. 4, no. 1, May 1951, p. 69-72
ASTIS record 60817

The news items include: 1) an outline of courses in Arctic studies given at the McGill University Geography Summer School; 2) information from Richard Bøgvad on diamond drilling and core analysis of a magnetic iron ore deposit at Grønnedal in southwest Greenland which led to the conclusion that the deposit is not economic; 3) details of the 1950 Eastern Arctic Patrol which marked the maiden voyage of the C.D. Howe, written by A. Stevenson; 4) a summary of Werner Sander's auroral observations in the Barents Sea, Nov.-Dec. 1949.

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