Baffin Island Expedition, 1950 : a preliminary report   /   Baird, P.D.   Kranck, E.H.   Goldthwait, R.P.   Eade, K.E.   Ward, W.H.   Riley, G.C.   Orvig, S.   Montgomery, M.R.   Dansereau, P.   Hale, M.E.
Arctic, v. 3, no. 3, Dec. 1950, p. 130-149, ill., map
ASTIS record 9679

Brief resume by the leader, of the personnel, itinerary, camps, transportation and program of an expedition sponsored by Arctic Institute of North America, Royal Canadian Air Force, Geological Survey of Canada, Swiss Foundation for Alpine Research and the Canadian Geographical Society, to the east coast of Baffin Island at Clyde settlement, May-Aug. 1950; with short "initial reports on progress" of the scientific studies...

Photographic operations of the Royal Canadian Air Force   /   Thomas, R.I.
Arctic, v. 3, no. 3, Dec. 1950, p. 150-165, ill., maps
ASTIS record 9680

History of the organization, and its development of photographic techniques and instrumentation used in mapping the Canadian North, 1921-50; with some notes on the flight problems and extent of mapping achieved.

Observations on a cyclic decline of lemmings (Lemmus) on the Arctic Coast of Alaska during the spring of 1949   /   Rausch, R.
Arctic, v. 3, no. 3, Dec. 1950, p. 166-177, figures
ASTIS record 9681

Results of observations carried out at the Arctic Research Laboratory, Point Barrow region (1) "during the peak density" preceding the cyclic decline occurring in the spring of 1949, (2) during the decline, and (3) for more than a year subsequent to it. The conclusions (a) relate the four-year cycle of lemming abundance with snowy owl, pomarine jaeger, and arctic fox abundance, also (according to evidence of Eskimos) with good sea hunting; (b) show lack of evidence of bacterial or parasitic cause for the decline; (c)call for more and sustained research into "factors involved in the high mortality which often follows high population densities of lemmings." Bibliography (15 items).

Physical oceanography of the north Polar Sea   /   Sverdrup, H.U.
Arctic, v. 3, no. 3, Dec. 1950, p. 178-186, map
ASTIS record 9682

General account of the 20th century results of observations on bathymetry, ocean currents, temperature and salinity of the Arctic Basin. Bibliography (10 items).

Northern news
Arctic, v. 3, no. 3, Dec. 1950, p. 191-194
ASTIS record 60814

The news items include: 1) a report about an R.C.A.F. Lancaster crash at Alert that killed nine people including Colonel C.J. Hubbard and D.W. Kirk (reprinted from the Arctic Circular, vol. 3, no. 4, 1950, p. 46-47); 2) information on the special problems of air navigation in high latitudes by K.C. MacLure; 3) the survey of waterfowl breeding grounds in the Ungava Peninsula by C.R. Eklund; 4) information on the British West Greenland Expedition; 5) the presentation of the Bruce Memorial Prize to Dr. M.J. Dunbar in recognition of his contributions to Arctic science; 6) the presumed death of Rodgers Hamilton and pilot Burt Galbraith in a flight from Tigvariak Island that never arrived at Point Barrow, Alaska.

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