A preliminary account of the Danish Pearyland expedition, 1948-9   /   Winther, P.C.   Troelsen, J.   Holmen, K.   Johnsen, P.   Fristrup, B.   Knuth, E.
Arctic, v. 3, no. 1, Apr. 1950, p. 2-13, ill., map
Contribution - Canada. Dept. of Agriculture. Entomology Division. Science Service, no. 2656
ASTIS record 9668

Brief account of the organization, financing, supply transport by ship, then by Catalina planes from the base at Young Sund (74 16 N).; the preliminary scouting expedition in the summer of 1947; roster of personnel and brief summaries of the "work carried out and the results obtained on sledge journeys and on walking and motor boat trips during the first wintering of 1948-9" at Jorgen Bronlunds Fjord, 82 11 N, 31 30 W: geology summarized by J. Troelsen, botany, by K. Holmen, zoology, by P. Johnsen, meteorology and glaciology, by B. Fristrup, archeology by E. Knuth (leader).

Studies of the biology and control of biting flies in northern Canada   /   Twinn, C.R.
Arctic, v. 3, no. 1, Apr. 1950, p. 14-26, ill.
ASTIS record 9669

"Contribution no. 2656, Division of Entomology, Science Service, Dept. of Agriculture, Ottawa, Canada." Brief report on projects carried out by the Canadian Division of Entomology and U.S. Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine, for the Canadian Defence Research Board and U.S. Army Committee for Insect and Rodent Control, 1947-48, and by independent Canadians work in 1949. Notes on mosquitoes, black and horse flies at Churchill in Manitoba, Goose Bay in Labrador and Whitehorse in Yukon Territory, and on chemical control studies. Bibliography (6 items).

The reindeer industry in Alaska   /   Lantis, M.
Arctic, v. 3, no. 1, Apr. 1950, p. 27-44, ill., map
ASTIS record 9670

Documented analysis and history of the reindeer in Alaska from 1892 when the government imported domestic reindeer; Eskimo husbandry under government and mission auspices; commercial exploitation by Alaskan companies 1914-1939; and since 1939 the rehabilitation of the reindeer industry for benefit of the Eskimo, by the Reindeer Service of the Alaska Native Service. Includes discussion of herding problems: coast dwelling Eskimos' adaptation to inland herders' life, forage, pests, predators; technical and economic problems of slaughter and marketing meat, use of hides, etc.; data on size and distribution of herds. Remarks of Eskimos' interest in the reindeer business and ten recommendations for development of herds, exploitation of local markets for reindeer products, and restriction of reindeer business to native people for 15-20 years. Bibliography (12 items).

A biological exploration of Banks and Victoria Islands   /   Porsild, A.E.
Arctic, v. 3, no. 1, Apr. 1950, p. 45-54, ill., map
ASTIS record 9671

Account of aerial and ground reconnaissances in Aug. 1949, from a base at Holman Island Post on Victoria Island, with a general description of the plants, animals, physical features, flight conditions and weather, on these two islands in Western Canadian Arctic.

Some notes on the Soviet Arctic during the past decade   /   Mandel, W.
Arctic, v. 3, no. 1, Apr. 1950, p. 55-62, map
ASTIS record 9672

General survey, based largely on Russian publications, of new development and reconstruction during and after World War II in transportation, scientific work, and industrial activities, with notes on the Northern Sea Route Administration and its jurisdiction.

An unusual archaeological specimen from Foxe Basin   /   Rowley, G.
Arctic, v. 3, no. 1, Apr. 1950, p. 63-65, ill.
ASTIS record 9673

Note on artifacts collected by Eskimos and said to have come from Pingerqalik on the east coast of Melville Peninsula south of Igloolik Island; mainly Thule type, with a small number of Dorset type and one artifact showing characteristics of both types.

Arctic Institute research reports
Arctic, v. 3, no. 1, Apr. 1950, p. 70-71
ASTIS record 60812

The following [five] reports describe some of the work carried out with the assistance of Arctic Institute grants during the field season of 1949. [A archaeological research report titled "Archaeological reconnaissance in Southern Labrador and Northern Newfoundland" by E. Harp is followed by 4 reports on biological research projects: "Study of vegetation types in Alaska in relation to soil profiles and solifluction" by Herbert Hanson; "Study of the cryptograms of the Arctic Slope of Alaska" by George Lano; "The role of lipids in the adaptation of animals to various climates" by Xavier Musacchia; and "Study of peripheral circulation in the Eskimo" by Malcolm Brown, J.D. Hatcher, and J. Page.]

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