The French expedition to Greenland, 1948   /   Victor, P.E.
Arctic, v. 2, no. 3, Dec. 1949, p. 134-148, ill., maps
ASTIS record 9661

Account of moving equipment up to the West Greenland icecap near Eqip Sermia (69 46 N, 50 15 W) during the preliminary expedition (planned in conjunction with summer and winter research to be done 1949-51). Includes description of landing operations, movement of weasels, use of cable-way for hoisting heavy loads onto the icecap, list of transport equipment, establishment of camps and storage of equipment.

Ice, open water, and winter climate in the eastern Arctic of North America : part II   /   Hare, F.K.   Montgomery, M.R.
Arctic, v. 2, no. 3, Dec. 1949, p. 149-164, ill., maps
ASTIS record 9662

Montgomery, M.R. The pattern of winter ice. The author summarizes present knowledge of winter conditions in each of the "gulfs of warmth", based on records of observers on land and sea in earlier years, and on flight observations 1927-28 (Hudson Strait), also winters of 1948-49 (Hudson Bay). Indicates that in late winter and early spring Hudson Bay was completely icecovered (1947-48,1948-49) and that further observations are planned for 1949-50.

Notes on fish of the interior of the Labrador peninsula   /   Munroe, E.G.
Arctic, v. 2, no. 3, Dec. 1949, p. 165-173, ill., 1 map
ASTIS record 9663

Based on biological field work in the Knob Lake region (about 55 N 67 W) of the Quebec-Labrador boundary, under the auspices of the Defense Research Board of Canada, summer 1948. Field notes on four species and a few non-specific forms; on their parasites, and features of lakes and streams in which they were found.

The geological survey in Alaska : field season of 1949   /   Reed, J.C.
Arctic, v. 2, no. 3, Dec. 1949, p. 174-182, ill., 1 map
ASTIS record 9664

Outline of work carried out by the geologic, topographic, water resources, and conservation divisions of the U.S. Geological Survey, in fields of mineralogy, petroleum, permafrost, engineering geology, mapping, etc.

Polar navigation   /   Maclure, K.C.
Arctic, v. 2, no. 3, Dec. 1949, p. 183-194, maps
ASTIS record 9665

Statement (in detail) of the principles on which operational techniques of polar grid navigation are based, the system tested in May 1945 in the north polar flights of the Aries, and used in long-range flights of the U.S.A.F., R.C.A.F., and R.A.F. into very high latitudes. The major part of the author's original paper on the subject (written in 1941) dealing with measurement of direction in polar latitudes is published here for the first time. "The portions omitted concern the design and use of 'astrographs', a type of navigation considered obsolete."

Northern news
Arctic, v. 2, no. 3, Dec. 1949, p. 200-203, ill.
ASTIS record 60802

The news items include: 1) a new twin-screw icebreaker that will be built for the Canadian Dept. of Transport for supplying northern stations; 2) the launching of the C.D. Howe, a new Canadian Eastern Arctic Patrol ship; 3) the laying of the keel of the new Royal Canadian Navy icebreaker which is under construction; 4) archaeological work on Cornwallis Island near Resolute Bay; 5) the trial of two young Netsilik Eskimo men on charges of assisting the suicide of a woman, who was the mother of one of the men, with tuberculosis; 6) the announcement by the U.S. Transportation Corps that they are sending modified half-track vehicles north to test their usefulness; 7) various articles about Greenland affairs including the creation of funds for increased cultural relations between Greenland and Denmark, population statistics of Greenland, the establishment of air transportation between Greenland and Denmark, the construction of vacation homes for convalescing Greenlandic children, and the free distribution of fresh vegetables - a gift from Danish market gardeners.

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