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Jurisdictional responsibilities for land resources, land use and development in the Yukon Territory and Northwest Territories - Northwest Territories Inuvialuit Settlement Region lands   /   Canada. Dept. of Indian Affairs and Northern Development
Ottawa : Indian Affairs and Northern Development, 1998.
17 p. : maps ; 28 cm.
ISBN 0-662-26954-3
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Book one: Yukon First Nations settlement areas (ASTIS record 44414) - Book two: Yukon Transboundary Agreement lands (44416) - Book three: Yukon Inuvialuit Settlement Region lands (44417) - Book four: Other Yukon Territory federal lands (44418) - Book one: Northwest Territories First Nations settlement areas (51509) - Book two: Northwest Territories Inuvialuit Settlement Region lands (51511) - Book three: Northwest Territories Nunavut settlement area lands (51512) - Book four: Other Northwest Territories federal lands (51514) - Appendix A: Relevant agreements and legislation (44419).
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ASTIS record 51511.
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Dramatic changes have occurred over the past fifteen years in the jurisdictional framework for land resources, land use and development in the Yukon Territory and the Northwest Territories. These changes are primarily a result of: federal legislation revisions; the impending creation of Nunavut; the finalization of Aboriginal land claim agreements; and the devolution of responsibilities from the federal to the territorial governments. ... Jurisdictional responsibilities are described in this document as of August 31, 1996 for land resources, land use and development within the territories concerning: federal lands; and land confirmed for Aboriginal groups under land claim agreement settlement legislation. ... In each chapter [i.e., eight books: four covering the Yukon Territory and four covering the N.W.T.], the jurisdictional regime for a particular geographic region is described, based on territory, then on the land claim agreements. ... Each chapter dealing with land claim settlement areas, begins with a section on the settlement agreement. This section also describes the roles of administrative bodies (such as surface rights boards) established through the settlement agreements. The second section of each chapter provides an overview of the region's general jurisdictional categories based on federal and Aboriginal land ownership. For example, there are three categories of land in the Yukon First Nation settlement areas in the Yukon Territory: 1. Settlement Lands to which the First Nations received title under their Land Claim Settlement Agreements; 2 Reserves under the Indian Act; and 3. Federal lands. The remainder of each chapter analyses each region's land ownership categories. For the categories relating to settlement lands and federal lands, the jurisdictional regime is discussed under the following headings: Land Ownership; Land Use; General Access Rights; Non-Renewable Resources; Forestry and Plants; Water Use and Waste Deposit; Fish and Wildlife; Environmental Assessment; and Economic Development. ... This chapter [Book two - N.W.T.] covers the Northwest Territories portion of the Inuvialuit Settlement Area, an area commonly known as the Western Arctic Region. This area is bounded: on the west by the Yukon portion of the Inuvialuit Settlement Area; on the south by the Gwich'in and Sahtu Dene and Métis settlement areas; and on the south and east by the Nunavut Settlement Area. Agreements and legislation are current as of August 31, 1996. ... (Au)

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