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The western Arctic claim : Inuvialuit Final Agreement as amended
Inuvik, N.W.T. : Inuvialuit Regional Corporation, 1998.
162 p. : maps ; 28 cm.
Cover title.
Reprinted in March 1998.
ASTIS record 51069.
Languages: English
Libraries: ACU

This volume contains the Inuvialuit Final Agreement as amended on January 15, 1987, and includes the following sections: principles, definitions, agreement and legislative approval, citizen's rights and programs, eligibility and enrolment, corporate structures, Inuvialuit and Crown Land, Husky Lakes/Cape Bathurst areas, selection of Inuvialuit lands, participation agreements, environmental impact screening and review process, Yukon North Slope, wildlife compensation, wildlife harvesting and management, financial compensation, economic measures, Inuvialuit Social Development Program, arbitration, the agreement approval process, and transitional and consequential provisions. Much of this volume ... [consists] of annexes; the titles of which follow. Annex A: Inuvialuit Settlement Region map; Annex A-1: Description of the Inuvialuit Settlement Region adjusted boundary; Annex A-2: Description of the Inuvialuit Settlement Region original boundary; Annex B: Traditional Inuvialuit lands map; Annex C: Inuvialuit lands selected pursuant to 7(1)(a) & 7(1)(b) map; Annex D: Map of the Husky Lakes / Cape Bathurst areas; Annex D-1: Cape Bathurst 7(1)(a) Land; Annex D-2: Husky Lakes Management areas; Annex E: Map of Yukon North Slope; Annex E-1: Territorial Lands Act and Yukon Placer Mining Act: Prohibition and withdrawal of certain lands and order prohibiting entry on certain lands in the Yukon Territory; Annex F: Aklavik 7(1)(a) & 7(1)(b) land selection map; Annex F-1: Aklavik 7(1)(a) Land; Annex F-2: Aklavik 7(1)(b) Land; Annex G: Inuvik 7(1)(a) & 7(1)(b) land selection map; Annex G-1: Inuvik 7(1)(a) Land; Annex G-2: Inuvik 7(1)(b) Land; Annex H: Tuktoyaktuk 7(1)(a) land selection map; Annex H-1: Tuktoyaktuk 7(1)(a) Land; Annex H-2: Tuktoyaktuk community site and Proposed Pingo Canadian Landmark site map; Annex H-3: Tuktoyaktuk community site; Annex H-4: Pingo Canadian Landmark Site; Annex H-5: Tuktoyaktuk 7(1)(b) land selections map; Annex H-6: Tuktoyaktuk 7(1)(b) Land; AnnexI: Paulatuk 7(1)(a) land selection map; Annex I-1: Paulatuk 7(1)(a) Land; Annex I-2: Paulatuk community site map; Annex I-3: Paulatuk community site; Annex I-4: Paulatuk 7(1)(b) land selection map; Annex I-5 Paulatuk 7(1)(b) Land; Annex J: Sachs Harbour 7(1)(a) land selection map; Annex J-1: Sachs Harbour 7(1)(a) Land; Annex J-2: Sachs Harbour community site map; Annex J-3: Sachs Harbour community site; Annex J-4: Sachs Harbour 7(1)(b) land selection map; Annex J-5: Sachs Harbour 7(1)(b) Land; Annex J-6: DeSalis Bay land selection map; Annex J-7: Proposed Nelson Head Canadian Landmark Site map; Annex K: Holman 7(1)(a) land selection map; Annex K-1: Holman 7(1)(a) Land; Annex K-2: Holman community site map; Annex K-3: Holman community site; Annex K-4: Holman 7(1)(b) land selection map; Annex K-5: Holman 7(1)(b) Land; Annex K-6: Wynniatt region adjustmant area map; Annex L: Porcupine Caribou Management Agreement; Annex M: Definition of minerals relating to 7(1)(b) title; Annex N: Financial compensation; Annex O: Schedule of maximum amounts permitted to be outstanding; Annex P: Existing subsurface rights on Inuvialuit lands, Dispositions under Canada Oil and Gas Act and Dispositions under Canada Mining Regulations; Annex Q: Existing surface rights on Inuvialuit lands; Annex R: Existing Government reservations on Inuvialuit lands; Annex S: Old Crow/Inuvialuit Reciprocal Harvesting Agreement; and Principles concerning the area of the Yukon north of the Porcupine River. (ASTIS)

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