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Jurisdictional responsibilities for land resources, land use and development in the Yukon Territory and Northwest Territories - Appendix A : Relevant agreements and legislation   /   Canada. Dept. of Indian Affairs and Northern Development
Ottawa : Indian Affairs and Northern Development, 1998.
4 p. ; 28 cm.
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ASTIS record 51508 describes the French version of this document.
Book one: Yukon First Nations settlement areas (ASTIS record 44414) - Book two: Yukon Transboundary Agreement lands (44416) - Book three: Yukon Inuvialuit Settlement Region lands (44417) - Book four: Other Yukon Territory federal lands (44418) - Book one: Northwest Territories First Nations settlement areas (51509) - Book two: Northwest Territories Inuvialuit Settlement Region lands (51511) - Book three: Northwest Territories Nunavut settlement area lands (51512) - Book four: Other Northwest Territories federal lands (51514) - Appendix A: Relevant agreements and legislation (44419).
Paper version indexed; PDF file does not have the same title page and layout.
Page 4 is blank.
ASTIS record 44419.
Languages: English
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Appendix A lists the legislation and the finalized land claim agreements examined in the preparation of this text [books one to four for the Yukon and books one to four for the N.W.T.]. Legislation and land claim agreements are current as of August 31, 1996. [Section 1 lists 10 agreements. Section 2 lists 44 relevant federal acts.] (Au)

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