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Proceedings of the Beaufort Sea Granular Resources Workshop, February 13 and 14, 1992   /   EBA Engineering Consultants Ltd.   MacLeod, N.R. [Editor]   Northern Affairs Program (Canada). Natural Resources and Economic Development Branch [Sponsor]
Calgary, Alta. : EBA Engineering Consultants Ltd., 1993.
258 p. : ill., maps ; 29 cm.
(NOGAP project no. A.04 : Granular resources inventory and management program)
Part of the Northern Oil and Gas Action Program (DSS file no. 038ST.A7134-0-0037).
Contents: Preface - Forward - Part 1: Reports on NOGAP regional studies - Part 2: Reports on NOCAP R&D studies - Part 3: Invited presentations - Part 4: Round-table session.
ASTIS record 62707 describes an earlier, shorter "preview volume" of this document.
This document contains all the presentations in the preview volume and more.
ASTIS record 33377.
Languages: English

... Since the initial studies, the Beaufort petroleum operators have expressed concern that much of the higher quality gravels have been used as general fill for island construction. In addition, there has been a greater demand for limited supplies of high quality sands and requests have been made for the exportation of Beaufort Granular resources to Alaska. Meanwhile, there has been discussion about treating granular resources like mineral resources by allowing exclusive exploitation rights. These events have placed increased pressure on the department to effectively inventory and manage the remaining offshore deposits. With NOGAP winding down and industry activity in the region waning, there was perceived a need to bring together those who have been part of Beaufort exploration activities and those who may be future participants. This workshop was intended to provide a forum to review the existing information and to identify research and study requirements. ... [Part 1: Reports on NOGAP Regional Studies contains: 1) "The Western Beaufort (Yukon) continental shelf (NOGAP project A4-05)" by John F. Lewis; 2) "Herschel Island study (NOGAP project A4-01)" by Rick Quinn; 3) "Granular resources of the Issigak deposit (NOGAP project A4-06)" by Neil R. MacLeod; 4) "The Isserk Borrow Block (NOGAP project A4-20)" by John F. Lewis; 5) "The Erksak Borrow Block (NOGAP project A4-21)" by John F. Lewis; 6) "Granular resources off the southwest coast of Banks Island (NOGAP project A4-16)" by Guy R. Fortin. Part 2: Reports on NOGAP R&D Studies contains: 7) "Northern granular resources mapping information system" by John Peters; 8) "Geotechnical and geophysical data bases" by Rita I. Olthof; 9) "Real-time interpretation of marine resistivity" by W.J. Scott. Part 3: Invited Presentations contains: 10) "Canadian Hydrographic Services - Beaufort Sea activities" by George Eaton; 11) "Geological constraints to off-shore granular resource assessment in the Canadian Beaufort Sea" by Steve Blasco; 12) "Arctic off-shore exploration structures, a geotechnical perspective" by Kevin J. Hewitt. The Round-table session contains discussions on: 1) NOGAP regional studies. 2) Technology and techniques, 3) Priorities for future work, and 4) Editor's summary of recommendations.] (Au)

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