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The Kluane Lake Research Station Bibliography, a subset of the ASTIS database, describes 1100 publications that have resulted from research conducted from the Arctic Institute of North America's Kluane Lake Research Station (KLRS). Coverage of biology and high altitude physiology publications is approximately 90% complete. Coverage of earth science publications is approximately 60% complete.

KLRS researchers are encouraged to do an Author search for their surnames and inform us about missing publications. Research conducted from KLRS includes research done at field camps if any of the KLRS facilities were used, and any research that used the KLRS airstrip. Publications by researchers who have never been to KLRS are included in the bibliography if the research used data collected by others at KLRS.

In search results, records are initially sorted in descending order of year of publication, but you can change to ascending order of first author. The links in this sentence provide records sorted by contribution number for the Kluane Boreal Forest Ecosystem Project and the Kluane Red Squirrel Project.

Records containing the note "Not seen by ASTIS" may be incomplete, and will eventually be updated. Publications with the Libraries code XYKLRS are available in the KLRS library. While viewing a record you can click on authors, subject codes, subject terms and geographic terms to search for all records that have that author, code or term. Authors in bold are searched using their ORCID identifiers. The best way to search for specific subjects or places is to search for words in the title or abstract, and then to supplement that search by clicking on appropriate subject or geographic terms in the records.

KLRS researchers can help us to make the Project drop-down list more useful by letting us know if any of their publications can be moved from the "None or Unknown" category to a specific project. In the Publication Type drop-down list each publication is assigned a single type, and types that come earlier in the list have priority over those that come later. For example, if a conference proceedings is published as a journal issue the papers are considered journal papers, not conference papers.

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