Hydrocarbon Impacts = Incidences des hydrocarbures

Key Publications

Birds and marine mammals : the Beaufort Sea and the search for oil   /   Blood, D.A.   Smiley, B.D. [Editor]   Morgan, J. [Illustrator]   Beaufort Sea Project (Canada)
[Ottawa : Beaufort Sea Project] ; Sidney, B.C. : Institute of Ocean Sciences, Patricia Bay [distributor], 1977.
124 p. : ill. (some col.), maps ; 23 cm.
(Beaufort Sea Project overview report series)
ASTIS record 29580.
Languages: English
Web: http://restco.ca/Birds%20and%20Marine%20Mammals%20Reprint.pdf
Libraries: ACU XQKNRC

... Cabinet, in July 1973, granted Approval-in-Principle for exploratory drilling, using drillships, in the Beaufort Sea. However, the Drilling Authority was subject to two riders in the Cabinet decision. These were that the actual drilling would not take place before the summer of 1976; and that the Authority would be issued conditional on constraints which would be determined by the Beaufort Sea Project; which was the name given to the group of studies from which the Assessment would be made. A unique feature of the Project was its joint government and petroleum industry nature, where industry contributed $4.1 million of funds to support the Beaufort Sea Project. By the time the Project was completed in late 1976, the total cost was an estimated $12 million. Included in the Project were studies on Wildlife, Marine Life, Oceanography, Meteorology, Sea Ice and Oilspill Countermeasures. These studies provided ecological baselines, a better understanding of the physical environment, knowledge related to the consequences of a possible oilspill, and methods of oil cleanup in ice-infested waters. Reports on these studies - now 45 in number - were published as The Beaufort Sea Project Technical Report Series. They are available to the public, on request and by title, but were written for a specialized audience of consultant engineers, industry and government officials. Part of the information contained in the Technical Report Series has been synthesized in this book, and in the remaining five volumes, of the Beaufort Sea Project Overview Report Series. ... This report is not an impact statement. Its purpose is to present information; not arguments for or against the development of petroleum or other resources in the western arctic. It is a review of the status, distribution and relationships of birds and mammals in the southeastern Beaufort Sea. Hopefully, it should also provide a background against which to gauge the potential impact of many future developments or activities in that area. ... (Au)

Oil spill countermeasures : the Beaufort Sea and the search for oil   /   Ross, S.L.   Logan, W.J.   Rowland, W.   Milne, A.R. [Editor]   Beaufort Sea Project (Canada)
[Ottawa] : Beaufort Sea Project, 1977.
67 p. : ill. (some col.), maps ; 23 cm.
(Beaufort Sea Project overview report series)
ASTIS record 47661.
Languages: English
Web: http://restco.ca/Oil%20Spill%20Countermeasures%20Reprint.pdf
Libraries: ACU

... This is a report on the state of the art in locating, containing, and cleaning up oil released in the event of a blowout offshore in the Beaufort Sea. It is based, primarily, on Beaufort Sea Project Technical Reports 31a and 31b, and on studies by consultants who were contracted by Fisheries and Environment Canada to examine specific aspects of the problem. It must be emphasized that much of the technical information, particularly in those sections dealing with containment and cleanup techniques, is necessarily speculative due to limited research data and operating experience. (Au)

Oil, ice and climate change : the Beaufort Sea and the search for oil   /   Milne, A.R.   Childerhose, R.J. [Editor]   Beaufort Sea Project (Canada)
[Ottawa : Beaufort Sea Project, 1977?].
103 p. : ill. (some col.), maps ; 23 cm.
(Beaufort Sea Project overview report series)
ASTIS record 1172.
Languages: English
Web: http://restco.ca/Oil,%20Ice%20and%20Climate%20Change%20Reprint.pdf

... This book is one of a series of six examining the ramifications of possible oil spills during either the initial drilling or extraction and transport stages of the petroleum recovery process. As the title implies, this volume deals with the anticipated effects of an undersea oilwell blowout, or a major spill from a submerged pipeline or tanker ship, in ice-cluttered arctic waters. (Au)

Crude oil in cold water : the Beaufort Sea and the search for oil   /   Milne, A.R.   Herlinveaux, R.H.   Childerhose, R.J. [Editor]   Beaufort Sea Project (Canada)
[Ottawa] : Beaufort Sea Project, [1979?].
119 p. : ill. (some col.), maps ; 23 cm.
(Beaufort Sea Project overview report series)
ASTIS record 3222.
Languages: English
Web: http://restco.ca/Crude%20Oil%20in%20Cold%20Water%20Reprint.pdf

... The purpose of this book is to trace the drift of oil flowing unchecked from an imaginary offshore blowout through the seasons of the year. No mathematical models of oilspill trajectories will be developed. Mathematical representations of sea, wind and ice interactions in the Beaufort Sea lie beyond our present abilities. Much of the text is devoted to the oceanography of the Beaufort Sea and features such as sediments, storm surges and sea ice. Diagrams near the end of the book show the possible spread of oil from a blowout for the spring, summer and winter. These predictions show where and when the oil is most likely to appear but do not forecast its actual drift; this cannot be done with any more accuracy than next summer's weather can be foretold. ... (Au)

Fishes, invertebrates and marine plants : the Beaufort Sea and the search for oil   /   Percy, R.   Smiley, B.   Mullen, T.   Childerhose, R.J. [Editor]   Beaufort Sea Project (Canada)   Canada. Dept. of Fisheries and Oceans [Sponsor]
[S.l.] : Beaufort Sea Project, 1985.
167 p. : ill. ; 28 cm.
(Beaufort Sea Project overview report series)
(NOGAP project no. B.06 : Beaufort Sea oceanography)
Not seen by ASTIS. Citation from NOGAP.
ASTIS record 21027.
Languages: English
Web: http://restco.ca/Fishes,%20Invertebrates%20and%20Marine%20Plants%20Reprint.pdf
Libraries: OORD

This is the final volume of the Beaufort Sea Project series of Overview Reports. Its theme is a general outline of life histories and behavior of Beaufort Sea region fishes, marine invertebrates and plant life, and their relationship with each other and their surroundings. It explains the dependence of these life forms on the Mackenzie River, and Estuary and Arctic Ocean, the necessity for flexible "life-styles" forced on them by fluctuating conditions of salinity, temperature, ice, the availability of prey and the presence of predators (including man). The format of this report is geographical: beginning with the Mackenzie River, then moving downstream to the Estuary, and into the Beaufort Sea. ... The report then introduces industrial man to the scene, primarily the people involved in the exploration for gas and oil reserves. Use of the fish resource by native fishermen is discussed, as are the socio-economic effects of the oil industry presence. The dangers and effects of possible oil spills on the various life forms are outlined in the concluding sections of the report. (Au)

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