Hydrocarbon Impacts = Incidences des hydrocarbures

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Oil and Gas Act   /   Yukon Territory
(Revised statutes of the Yukon, 2002 = Lois révisées du Yukon, 2002 / Yukon Territory. - [Whitehorse, Yukon] : Queen's Printer for the Yukon, 2002, v. 6, ch. 162, [116 p.])
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Languages: English and French
Web: http://www.gov.yk.ca/legislation/acts/oiga.pdf

The Oil and Gas Act, chapter 162 of Revised Statues of the Yukon 2002, is presented in 5 parts, following the Interpretation and Objectives of the Act. Part 1 - Administration; Arrangements with Yukon First Nations. Part 2 - Oil and Gas Rights - Division 1: Dispositions Generally; Division 2: Oil and Gas Permits; Division 3: Oil and Gas Leases; Division 4: Federal Oil and Gas Dispositions; Division 5: Royalty and Other Revenues; Division 6: Registration of Transfers and Security Notices (Subdivision A: Transfers; Subdivision B: Security Notices). Part 3 - Oil and Gas Operations - Division 1: Production; Division 2: Common Carriers and Processors; Division 3: Pooling and Unitization; Division 4: Abandonment of Wells; Division 5: Enforcement and Remedial Measures. Part 4 - General. Part 5 - Transitional and Commencement. (ASTIS)

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