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Overview of key issues and data gaps related to development and transportation of gas from the Western Canadian Arctic and Alaska   /   Kavik-Axys Inc.   L.G.L. Limited, Environmental Research Associates   Canada. Indian and Northern Affairs [Sponsor]
[S.l.]. : KAVIK-AXYS Inc., 2001.
xiii, 131 leaves : col. maps ; 28 cm.
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Report: KA017.
ASTIS record 48715.
Languages: English
Libraries: ACU

... To ensure that the federal government is well prepared to deal with formal applications, the Department of Indian and Northern Affairs (DIAND) is undertaking a review of the key issues and data gaps associated with each of four scenarios for the development and transportation of natural gas. ... The purpose of this report is to provide a summary of the environmental issues associated with the development and transportation of gas reserves in the western Canadian Arctic, as well as the transportation of natural gas from fields in northern Alaska, particularly Prudhoe Bay. This report focuses on four scenarios: 1) the development of the Mackenzie Delta gas field 2) the Mackenzie Valley pipeline from Inuvik to northern Alberta 3) the "over-the-top" pipeline from Prudhoe Bay to Inuvik 4) the Yukon portion of the Alaska Natural Gas Transportation System route (ANGTS) from Boundary Creek, Yukon to Watson Lake, Yukon. This report examines the issues, data gaps and needs associated with natural gas developments for each of the scenarios. The scope of the work does not include issues pertaining to archaeological or historical resources, potential effects on human health, or socio-economic impacts and benefits. The report does not consider the possible development of offshore gas fields in Canada and it also does not consider upset scenarios. The report is not intended to be a comprehensive gap analysis nor does it attempt to assign responsibility for collecting the information. Finally, the report is not intended to emulate an environmental impact assessment. ... The specific objectives of this review are to: 1. Identify key environmental issues associated with: gas field development in the Mackenzie Delta region; and pipelines to transport oil and gas from the Canadian Beaufort Sea and the Prudhoe Bay area of Alaska. 2. Identify information gaps which may limit the ability of the government of Canada to: effectively evaluate and manage the issues; and rationalize the nature or timing of research and monitoring programs. 3. Identify actions required by the Government of Canada to prepare it to evaluate proposals for development of gas reserves in the western Canadian Arctic and the transportation of this gas and Alaska natural gas to southern markets. ... [A synopsis of the key issues for each of the scenarios is presented in the executive summary.] (Au)

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