Hydrocarbon Impacts = Incidences des hydrocarbures

Key Publications

Submissions and recommendations : Mackenzie Valley Pipeline Inquiry   /   Canadian Arctic Resources Committee
Ottawa : Canadian Arctic Resources Committee, 1976.
61, 125, [15] p. ; 28 cm.
ISBN 0-919996-02-7
Cover title: Final argument & recommendations, Mackenzie Valley Pipeline Inquiry.
ASTIS record 47651.
Languages: English
Libraries: ACU

... The Canadian Arctic Resources Committee, as the major environmental intervener before the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline Inquiry, has, of course, an interest in all of the activities and issues that may have an impact on the biological and physical environment. ... In its final submission, C.A.R.C. has concentrated its recommendations on only some of the environmental issues raised by the proposal to build a Mackenzie Valley Gas Pipeline. It is expected that the various participants, and in particular the staff of the Commission Counsel, will have the combined resources to cover the broad range of issues presented to the Inquiry. ... C.A.R.C. has structured its recommendations in terms of the major environmental concerns presented by the proposal to construct a natural gas pipeline in Canada's Western Arctic. ... Each environmental concern identified contains introductory remarks outlining the nature of the problem and the significance of the environmental issues raised. Thereafter, will follow a series of recommendations to this Inquiry flowing from an identification of the environmental concern. ... (Au)

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