Hydrocarbon Impacts = Incidences des hydrocarbures

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Oil and gas approvals in the Northwest Territories - southern Mackenzie Valley : a guide to regulatory approval processes for oil and natural gas exploration and production on public lands in the southern Mackenzie Valley   /   Erlandson & Associates   Northern Oil and Gas Directorate (Canada) [Sponsor]   Canada. Dept. of Indian Affairs and Northern Development [Sponsor]   Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers [Sponsor]
[S.l. : s.n.], 2000.
vii, 134 p. : ill., 1 col. map ; 28 cm.
(Regulatory Roadmaps Project)
ASTIS record 47648.
Languages: English
Web: http://web.archive.org/web/20090205085748/http://oilandgasguides.com/guides/nwt-smv/nwt-smv.pdf
Libraries: ACU

This Guide provides a description of the regulatory processes used to assess and approve applications for oil and gas exploration and development in the southern Mackenzie Valley of the Northwest Territories (NWT). It should serve as a common reference for use by anyone engaged in the regulatory process for the oil and gas industry. The process steps and responsibilities described here apply only to those lands in the NWT where land claims remain unsettled (that is, the regulatory processes for lands where land claims have been settled are not specifically addressed). The reference map on page 3 illustrates these lands within the NWT. When using this Guide as a reference for application procedures, it should be noted that operating seasons in the NWT can significantly affect project plans and, therefore, the lead time needed to gain appropriate authorizations for operations. This Guide deals strictly with authorization processes. Once a development is approved, the operator must comply with both the terms of the authorizations and post-licencing regulation, the requirements for which are not included in this Guide. CONTENT AND STRUCTURE - This Introduction chapter contains: description of Regulatory Agencies for Oil and Gas Approvals; abbreviations used in this Guide; definitions; and list of Primary Acts and Regulations for Oil and Gas and Associated Activities. The remainder of the Guide is organized to reflect the progressive sequence of activities from early exploration to production and transmission of oil and natural gas, including: Geological/Geophysical Activities, Drilling Operations, Development Planning, Production, Transboundary Pipelines. It consists of a set of flowcharts, accompanied by written explanations of the procedures for reviewing and approving applications. The steps in acquiring the appropriate licences, permits and authorizations are described for each stage in the oil and gas development sequence. In addition, the stages of the environmental impact assessment process under the Mackenzie Valley Resource Management Act are described, including; Preliminary Screening, Environmental Assessment, Environmental Impact Review and, where applicable, assessment under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act. Charts in the Guide are individually numbered from 1 through 16, and cross-referenced where required. ... (Au)

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