Hydrocarbon Impacts = Incidences des hydrocarbures

Key Publications

Environmental impact statement for the Alaska Highway Gas Pipeline Project   /   Foothills Pipe Lines (South Yukon) Ltd.
Whitehorse : Foothills (South Yukon), 1976-1979.
30 vol. : ill., figures, tables, maps ; 28cm.
(Environmental services - Foothills Pipe Lines (South Yukon) Ltd.)
Includes 29 annexes. Publication cancelled for annex nos. 5, 15.
Overview summary. Whitehorse: Foothills (South Yukon), 1979. 56p., fold. maps, 28cm.
ASTIS record 1498.
Languages: English
Libraries: ACU

..., the pipeline project is described .... Potential impacts that the project might have are discussed ..., possible measures of mitigation against those impacts outlined ...., and likely residual impacts noted .... Section 11 briefly discusses other projects which might interact with the pipeline project and a final Section (12) lists additional sources of information that are available to reviewers. ... (Au)

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