Hydrocarbon Impacts = Incidences des hydrocarbures

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Reasons for decision : northern pipelines   /   Canada. National Energy Board
Ottawa : Supply and Services, 1977.
3 v. : ill., maps ; 27 cm.
ISBN 0-660-01104-2, 0-660-01105-0, 0-660-01106-9
ASTIS record 10620.
Languages: English
Libraries: ACU

... This report deals with the various applications as amended either before or during the hearing. The Board held 214 days of public hearings and received some 1,200 exhibits and some 900 public documents. The transcript of the proceedings ran to over 37,000 pages. The main subjects covered in this report are an analysis of whether a pipeline is needed, based on forecasts of supply and requirements; technical feasibility and engineering specifications of facilities; contracts, financial and economic matters; and socio-economic and environmental matters. Under each of the main headings or sub-headings, the CAGPL application is dealt with first, followed by the Foothills Group and then the Foothills (Yukon) Group applications. Alberta Natural Gas Company Ltd. ("Alberta Natural" or "ANG") is included within the CAGPL Project sections. ... The Board finds that the Foothills pipeline cannot be financed, that it is not economically justified, that it is not the lowest cost alternative available, that a pipeline should not be built along the Mackenzie Valley at this time, that this Applicant has asked for a decision to be deferred, and that there is no clear indication if and when sufficient reserves will be found to make the pipeline viable. The Board finds that the CAGPL project is based on incompatible time constraints; on the one hand the urgent need to connect Alaska gas to United States markets, and on the other, the need for more time to resolve socio-economic concerns before a pipeline could be built along the Mackenzie Valley. In addition, the Prime Route of the pipeline along the coast of the northern Yukon is environmentally unacceptable to the Board, as is the Cross-Delta section of that route. ... the Board is not satisified that a certificate should be issued. In respect of the Foothills (Yukon) project, although further engineering design, environmental and socio-economic information is to be filed prior to approval of final design, on the evidence the Board finds that it offers the generally preferred route for moving Alaska gas. ... The principals in the Foothills (Yukon) project are on record in the hearing as willing to undertake construction of a Dempster link should it be required and duly certificated by the Board. A logical, indeed a necessary complement to such undertakings, would seem to be a re-routing of the Alaska Highway line via Dawson. ... (Au)

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