Hydrocarbon Impacts = Incidences des hydrocarbures

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Mackenzie Gas Project : preliminary information package. Volume 1 : project description. Volume 2 : project maps   /   Imperial Oil Resources Ventures Limited   Aboriginal Pipeline Group   ConocoPhillips Canada (North) Limited   ExxonMobil Canada Properties   Shell Canada Limited
[Calgary, Alta. : Imperial Oil Resources Ventures Limited], 2003.
2 v. : ill., maps ; 28-28 45 cm.
Cover title.
Also available on CD-ROM.
Volume 1: Project description; Volume 2: Project maps.
Updates to the PIP are available on the Northern Gas Project Secretariat website at http://www.ngps.nt.ca/publications_e.html.
Report date: April 2003.
Report number: IPRCC.PR.2002.07.
ASTIS record 51801.
Languages: English
Web: http://www.mackenziegasproject.com/theProject/regulatoryProcess/pipSubmission/PIPfulldetails/PIPFullDetails.html
Web: http://www.ngps.nt.ca/docs/PIP.pdf
Web: http://pubs.aina.ucalgary.ca/ngps/PIP.pdf
Libraries: ACU

This PIP [preliminary information package], dated April 2003, has been submitted to the required regulatory agencies by Imperial Oil Resources Ventures Limited, the Aboriginal Pipeline Group, ConocoPhillips Canada (North) Limited, Shell Canada Limited and ExxonMobil Canada Properties (the proponents) pursuant to the Cooperation Plan for the Environmental Impact Assessment and Regulatory Review of a Northern Gas Pipeline Project through the Northwest Territories, dated June 2002. This PIP describes the Mackenzie Gas Project components and activities, and identifies potential environmental and socio-economic issues requiring consideration. The PIP makes reference to ongoing studies and consultations. The proponents are continuing to pursue these activities in preparation for filing the required applications for the Mackenzie Gas Project as soon as possible. The project schedule shown in the PIP reflects project start-up in 2008. As a result of the delay in filing this PIP, we now expect to file regulatory applications for the project in 2004, after the Terms of Reference for the Environmental Impact Statement have been finalized. Accordingly, first gas from the Mackenzie Delta is now expected to occur in 2009. The application for the transmission pipeline is now expected to be based on a connection with the Alberta natural gas pipeline system at a location in Alberta near the boundary with the Northwest Territories. The existing Alberta system will be extended to the southern terminus of the transmission pipeline. This extension, including obtaining the necessary regulatory approvals, is to be done by TransCanada PipeLines Limited. The PIP is being submitted to assist the regulators and environmental impact agencies in developing a timely schedule for a coordinated review process. (Au)

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